Great Value for your Discover Credit Card Application

A lot of people go through a discover credit card application and walk away quite satisfied. This is because the service is really top notch. There are also many kinds of discover credit cards for you. Here are some of the cards that you might want to try.

Biodegradable Discover More Card
Are you a nature lover or an advocate of environmentalism? This is the kind of card for
people who care about the planet they live in. This is because the physical card itself is specially made to decompose within five years after you dump it in a
landfill. Think of all the “plastic” (pun intended) that fills up landfills. In this time of economic crisis when people’s credit cards are getting maxed out, a ton of cut cards must be finding their way down landfills. The card also provides up to twenty percent cash back rewards. And these rewards can be doubled if you get the gift cards from the card’s partner merchants.

Discover Card Monogram (SM)
For enterprising people, this card is gold. Everyone in the right situation should take advantage of this card because it helps you get a lot of cold cash is several ways. The card does not have a limit in cash rewards. It give you up to twenty percent in cash back when you go shopping for those special items you love to buy in the internet. It also has zero percent interest rates in the first year which is perfect for people who are just starting out.

Teen Prepaid Debit Card
If you have a teenager, then don’t set him or her up for a discover credit card application, instead have him apply for this teen debit card. This is not a credit card, but this is just the perfect thing for young adults fresh out of college. This Current card by discover has safety features that are specifically made for teens who still have a lot to learn about handling finances. This card has gives parents a certain amount of control over the teenager’s transactions. It restricts the card from being used to buy alcohol, smokes, or rooms in a hotel. Parents can also directly deposit to this account for free from any credit card. As a plus, you can withdraw from any ATM in the country.

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