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Free Template Designs offers plenty of free resources for the designer in need. Primarily you can choose from hundreds of CSS, HTML and other free website templates. In addition to that we offer free articles on search engine optimization, web design principals and more. We also have a section devoted to Photoshop, Flash, PHP and other tutorials. Finally, we offer a but collection of free webmaster utilities to help improve your website potential. In addition, you will learn how to develop your own web projects. Our articles and tutorials will show you the entire site creation and maintenance process.



Website templates (web design templates) can be an excellent tool when building a new web site, a tool that can speed up the production schedule, improve the quality of the final web site and just make the whole process of building a web site much easier.


Now that the web has matured, the experts have discovered what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to web site design. Out of this experience come web templates, web site designs that have been tried and tested.



As with building a house, there is no longer a need to reinvent the wheel with every project – today you can select a web design template and get your website online fast!

As a software architect and programmer, I can tell you that a core rule in that field is to not reinvent the wheel. This basically means that if someone else has built it already, you should use it! You are wasting your time and money trying to recreate things from scratch.


Fortunately you can now select from a huge collection of proven web site styles that you can use ‘out of the box’ or use the web site template as the founda