The How to Hypnotize

Hypnosis has two theories related to it. One is state theory and the other is non-state theory. According to the state theory, it is a mental state, while according to the non-state theory, imaginative role enactment. The earliest definition is that it is a nervous sleep. There are many was to hypnotize a person. However, this article will only tell about the most basic and easiest way to hypnotize someone. The process by which a

person is hypnotized is called hypnotic induction. The most basic way to hypnotize someone is Progressive Relaxation Technique.First of all, before hypnotizing the subject, rest him in a comfortable sitting position or have him lied down comfortably. So as to make sure that the subject is at complete ease when he is being hypnotized. Secondly, talk to the subject soothingly, as it’s very natural that the subject might be tensed at the moment or have other things to worry out and his mind is somewhere else.

Talking soothingly will help him to relax and be at ease. Thirdly, once u see that the subject is relaxed to an extent, ask him in a low soft voice to close his eyes and relax completely, let go of the things happening around him, forget all the worries.Fourthly; put or divert the subject’s attention to various part of the body and ask him to relax and become more and more comfortable, to stop feeling that pressure or nervousness, ask him to let go of it all, like you can say, become aware of your arm, let it become more and more relax, and allow the muscles to grow limp. In this way divert the attention of the subject to all part of the body so that one by one all of the body achieves a relaxation state. Fifthly; while it is taking place, say word like, “good”, “nice”, “excellent” so that the subject is encouraged.

If for some reason the subject is finding difficulty to relax, don’t get mad at him or lose your cool, continue to act calmly and patiently eventually the desired result is achieved.Sixthly; this entire procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes, however if a subject is taking a long time, then repeat the entire procedure in the same soothing and calm manner. Now that the person is entirely under the trance and completely at ease, the last step has to be performed then, that is to wake the person up from this. So, seventhly; when you are going to wake them up, say to them that you are going to wake them up in 5 seconds and that you are going to count them. Then start counting, be soft and soothing at first, then the next number should be uttered in a slightly louder and stronger voice than the last one, when you are on the last second, say to the subject that after saying 5 they will wake up or when you say the next word then they have to wake up. Hence, they will awaken. This technique is as simple as that.